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A wide range of activities is available for guests to make the most of their stay on and around Koh Rong:

Island Hopping

In this part of the world, “island hopping” has become something of a rite of passage and Koh Rong offers some beautiful options. Explore nearby bays and encounter the locals in truly unspoiled locations


Sok San Bay offers a stunning underwater panorama. Our beach boys will direct you to the best spots. They’ll also be happy to act as a guide or teacher. Buoyancy vests are available for inexperienced swimmers. Some of the best areas for snorkeling are around the jetty and the rocks at the corner of the beach, but a half-hour stroll from the resort is a reef we’ve called “Khmer Garden”. Guides are readily available if you’re the slightest bit unsure about how to get there.

Or Blue Lagoon Snorkelling Tour:
A 20-minute boat ride takes you to an exclusive treasure trove of coral and tropical fish. The Blue Lagoon is a magical cove, set in a protected marine area. It offers shallow snorkeling amidst swathes of mesmerizing anemone. Need we say more?


Cambodia remains one of the diving world’s best kept secrets and Koh Rong’s crystal-clear waters offer the perfect location. Its many reefs provide dozens of shallow dive sites with little or no current. This makes Koh Rong’s waters some of the safest on Earth.

Access to these dive sites is just a few minutes by boat and a world of discovery awaits. An abundance of marine life can be enjoyed, including coral, sponges, specialist flat worms, colorful nudibranchs and a dizzying array of tropical fish. If you were trying to find Nemo, you can relax.

The Royal Sands Koh Rong has its own PADI Dive Center headed up by our Activity Manager, Lionel Bonnett. Lionel has logged more than 6,000 dives all over the world. You could not be in safer or more knowledgeable hands.


Koh Rong might be a famed beach destination, but the island’s interior of jungle, mangrove and savannah is well worth exploring. We’d recommend seeing it by kayak or while you fish.


The areas surrounding Sok San Bay are completely untouched by commercial fishing, providing a rewarding few hours for those who love to cast a line. Try your luck with our local fishermen on a traditional wooden boat.

Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) is ideal for strengthening the muscles of the core and is one of the world’s fastest growing fitness trends. Rental includes life jacket.

Mountain biking

While we understand completely that you wouldn’t necessarily choose to leave the luxury of The Royal Sands Koh Rong, we encourage you to venture out of this comfort zone and explore your island paradise. One of the most adventurous ways to do this is by bike. Pick one up at the Activity Centre. Our knowledgeable team will explain everything you need to know. Guides are available for the more challenging routes.


You are more than welcome to trek alone on the trails and small paths on the island. Just be aware that many of the smaller paths have been cut by wood loggers and can go deep into the jungle. Our local guides will be happy to help you discover the island’s hidden treasures such as The Waterfall, Chnee Cheeb Bay and Koh Touch etc..

Plankton Experience

Bioluminescent plankton is a wonder of nature and is not to be missed during your stay at The Royal Sands Koh Rong. Our pristine bay provides the perfect conditions for one of the ocean’s strangest natural phenomena. Your guide will accompany you into the shallows for an experience you will never forget.

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